Tips To Reduce Friction, Save Your Wheels

By on 6-04-2019 in Automotives, Business

It has been said time and again that wheels help in reducing friction. Some have wondered how while others think that this is just another myth. However, it is true that wheels reduce friction. It is very important for you to know how wheels help in reducing the amount of friction to give you a more comfortable ride. Metal alloy Wheels reduce friction in the following ways.  Visit the site: car tire Kent

Small Axle, Big Wheels

The wheel generally rotates on the axle. The size of the axle to that of the wheel matters a lot. The bigger the size of the axle is to that of the wheel, the higher the friction caused. However, the smaller the size of the axle to that of the Metal wheel, the lower the amount of friction. If the size of your axle is ten times smaller than that of the wheel, this means that the friction on your wheels is reduced by a factor of ten. This is very important to consider especially for motor racers because friction reduces speed. This means that you may think that the reason you did not win a race was as a result of your racing wheels. But it is all because of the friction between the wheels. This means that you need to be cautious whenever you are out shopping for metal alloy wheels. Determine the axle size to the wheel size.

Axle Lubrication

The axle is also lubricated with grease. Grease, when applied on surfaces that come into contact often reduces friction. This applies to all wheels too. Be they racing wheels or normal wheels. As the wheel slides against the axle, the grease applied on the axle helps reduce friction. You can either apply grease or oil. During maintenance always make sure that your axle never lacks grease on it. This way, you will prevent friction completely on your metal alloy wheels.

Size of the tire

The size of the wheel is another important factor that helps in reducing friction. The wider the size of the tire is, the lower the amount of friction. This is how it works; a wider tire exerts less pressure. This in turn helps reduce the friction between the tire and the ground. This is applied where, the size of the tire you use on your vehicle, should be determined by the load that your car carries. This is to help reduce the pressure it exerts on the road hence reducing the friction. Always consider this factor whenever you are out buying tires racing or normal wheels.

The number of wheels

Another thing that helps reduce friction is the number of metal alloy wheels on the car. This however, mostly applies on trucks. This is why you see most trucks having many metal alloy wheels to fight friction since they carry huge cargo. This works in that the many wheels helps create a large surface area thus reducing the pressure exerted onto the road. The reduced pressure on the road in turn helps reduce friction between the wheels and the road. The tread design also affects friction. The tread depth determines the amount of friction. If the treads are of a lower depth, friction between the tire and the road is high. This is because the grip of the wheel on the road reduces. On the other hand, when the tread depth is larger, the grip is firm and this helps reduce friction. These factors when applied will help reduce friction on your metal alloy wheels and save your wheels from early wear and tear. If you are a race competitor, be sure to win the forthcoming race because your racing wheels will not disappoint you.